Jan 28, 2014

Did you know that you can self-educate, practice for exams, and explore careers at your library at Learning Express Library?

Learning Express Library is an innovative, Web-based learning solution that provides access to current practice exams, self-paced courses and e-books for 4th grade through adult. Learning Express gives users from elementary school to adult skills improvement exercises, practice exams for career preparation, college prep and self-paced courses. This resource can be promoted to high school students who want to prepare for the ASVAB (military test), ACT, CLEP out of college courses or study for an AP exam. There are complete answer explanations and study suggestions for all of the practice tests and resources provided. Several resource rooms are available including The School Center, The Adult Learning Center, The College Preparation Center, The College Center, and The Career Center. These resources can also benefit job seekers by providing a self-paced resume course along with skills improvement in areas like writing.

For those entering new careers, Learning Express includes practice exams for certification tests in Nursing and Allied Health, Commercial Drivers' License, Cosmetology, Civil Service, Electrician and many more. The U.S. Citizenship test is also included. The number of resources available for self-education and career preparation are at this site are phenomenal. You can access and register for the Learning Express Library at Potter County Library. To access the site at home, you can use this URL: http://www.sdln.net/cgi-bin/authgate/index.cgi?db=lex, but you will need a SD State Library e-card, which you can request at: http://www.library.sd.gov/forms/librarycard/index.aspx#.UtmNXYXnaig FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT LEARNING EXPRESS, check out the following link to a two-page handout: http://www.library.sd.gov/LIB/ERD/learningexpresslibrary/learningexpresslibrary.pdf

When I explored this site, the first task I needed to complete was to set up a free account. My second task was to look at a pretest of some kind, and answer some of the questions in it. Since I haven't taken an ACT test in over 20 years, I decided to look at that one. There were sample questions there that were similar to the types of questions that are on today's ACT test.

My first observation was that in areas outside my content area (which happens to be language arts), I am really RUSTY :-( I was only able to complete about half of the math questions correctly, but the wonderful thing about Learning Express, is that I was able to review my answers, and I was able to link to practice areas within the site to help me brush up on the math problems that I had trouble with. All of the tools necessary for successfully preparing for these tests were there. I am definitely going to have my daughter, who is a freshman in high school, set up an account and begin looking around--it's never to early to prepare to succeed! Another thing to note, was that at the School Center, you can help kids practice their academic skills from 4th grade on up--this would be a great tool for teachers to help their students prepare for state testing.

My final task was to investigate the Career Center, and see what types of resources were available for a topic of my choice. From the home page, I typed the word "interview" in the search bar, to find out what materials were included in the site. The three resource possibilities are e-books, tutorials, and tests. For "interview" a 272 page e-book came up in my resource list; it was called Job Interviews That Get You Hired, and had the following description: You have the experience for the job, but do you have the interviewing experience? This e-book explains all the essentials: the 10 success factors that employers look for, how to turn around difficult interviews, how to set up meetings, and much more. When I opened the book, I was thrilled that it was easy to navigate and the page could be magnified if necessary.


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  1. Great work and recommendations, Potter County! We have heard of people using Learning Express to complete their GEDs and pass their US Citizenship Tests, too! Thanks for this post.