Jan 18, 2014


This week I investigated World Book Online Public Library Editions--They are amazing resources for finding information, including media.

Designed for grades K-5, World Book Online for Kids provides easy-to-read articles, interactive games, science project ideas and activities. Other features include the World of Animals and Maps and More.
World Book Online Info Finder is designed for grades 5-9. This resource provides longer articles, plus research tools like citation builder and timelines. Other components include links to newspaper web pages and virtual tours to museums, historical sites and unusual places.
World Book Online Reference Center is for grades 9 through adult. Useful features include computer and web tutorials and life skills articles along with links to government resources. You can access all of these items from Potter County Library at  http://library.sd.gov/LIB/ERD/access/library.aspx#.Ut7zEBDnaow Or you can use these direct links to each level:




You can also access these with a South Dakota State Library e-card, which is free at  http://library.sd.gov/forms/librarycard/index.aspx#.Ut7ynhDnaow

To test these sites out, I searched for information about the manatee at the kids site, and was able to read about a paragraph of basic information about it—for example, it’s habitat is the Amazon River, the Caribbean Sea, and the coasts of NE South America, SE U.S., and W. Africa. There was also a picture and a video about "Why the Manatee is Endangered." The video was my favorite part at this level.

At the Infofinder site, there was much more detailed information including the scientific classification of the animal, as well as citation options for the information--including MLA, APA, and Harvard. There was also a short video, and the option to save information to “My Research”, a place to check that the information was aligned to content standards, as well as links to “related articles,” and “special reports.” My favorite part at this level was that I didn't have to figure out how to cite the information, since it was already done for me!

At the reference center, I had all of the Infofinder information, as well as many other links to primary sources concerning the topic for Common Core alignment, and research guides to delve more deeply. A final comment is that all three sites have a “hear it read-aloud” option, as well as a “translate” option. This is especially important for struggling readers, or English language learners. AWESOME RESOURCES!

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  1. Thanks for this great description! We love World Book because it is easy to use and chock-full of information and fun features!