Feb 11, 2014

Proquest Works for Research or for Leisure

Proquest Research and Discovery Library delivers full-text journal articles from scholarly publications and popular magazines.  Titles range from Agricultural Research to Good Housekeeping.  Proquest brings you feature articles, book and movie reviews, editorials and more.  The State Library’s subscription also provides newspaper indexes to three national newspapers.  You can access Proquest at Potter County Library or with your state library e-card at http://www.sdln.net/cgi-bin/authgate/index.cgi?db=pro 

HELPFUL HINT: Before searching, click the box beside “full-text documents only,” to make sure that your search results will have full-text in html, pdf, or both.  If you have ongoing research, use the “create alert” feature to have Proquest run searches for you and inform you when something new on your topic has been added.  

First, when I got to Proquest, I decided to check the database for information about Snapchat—using a basic search via the search bar—because this app is being used so much by my 15 year-old daughter and her peer group right now.  I was surprised that there were 261 full-text articles.  54 have been added since January 1, 2014, and the most interesting to me was from Forbes at http://www.forbes.com/sites/jjcolao/2014/01/06/the-inside-story-of-snapchat-the-worlds-hottest-app-or-a-3-billion-disappearing-act/
I was also able to limit my results by publication type, date, subject, classification, company, language (ETC.) Plus, I love the organization features here like CITE, SAVE TO MY RESEARCH, PRINT, EMAIL, EXPORT/SAVE—you can do anything you need to with the information you find—For example, for that Forbes article, here is the citation:

Colao, J. J. (2014, Jan 20). The inside story of snapchat: The world's hottest app or A $3 billion disappearing act? Forbes, 1. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com/docview/1493902444?accountid=45616

For the second task I was asked to read some posts by other participants in this challenge, and to make a comment.  I commented on Jan Schroeder’s blog: Library Challenge 2014; concerning Sirs Issues Researcher, about the “Curriculum Pathfinders” information available.

Last, I was asked to use the PUBLICATIONS search bar in Proquest.  I chose to search for Library Journal and School Library Journal there, and was thrilled that both were included in Proquest.  Full text coverage was available from Jan 1996 to present for both—hooray!!  This is wonderful to know, so that I can refer to Proquest for relevant information in Library Media Science.

PROQUEST is not only a wonderful tool for research and information, but also, it’s like having unlimited magazine subscriptions FOR FREE!!  CHECK IT OUT!

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  1. You've said it all in your last 2 sentences, Potter County! We love the broad coverage ProQuest offers 24/7, 365! Thanks for your comments!