Feb 6, 2014


Do you need to research something?  Do your students?  Do your children?  Both  SIRS Discoverer and SIRS Researcher are yours to use at the library or at home with your free SD State Library E-card.  Apply for the E-card here:   http://www.library.sd.gov/forms/librarycard/index.aspx#.UuFYy4Xnaig).

SIRS Discoverer (grades K-9)

SIRS Discoverer Full-text articles and graphics from more than 1,600 U.S. and international magazines, newspapers and U.S. government documents, which were carefully selected for their educational content, interest and level of readability for middle and elementary curriculum topics.
SIRS Discoverer -  at the Potter County Library or use your SD State Library E-Card at

SIRS Issues Researcher (grades 6-12)

SIRS Issues Researcher A general reference database containing thousands of full-text articles exploring social, scientific, health, historic, business, economic, political and global issues
SIRS Researcher  - at the Potter County Library
or use your SD State Library E-Card at


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  1. Good work, Potter County! Go ahead, write a research paper if you want to. It's a lot easier now than it used to be! :) Thanks for letting your public know about these.